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Belt hoist fixed

Belt hoist fixed

Belt hoist fixed

Belt hoist fixed

Fixed version

These hoists do not have a trolley and are designed for applications where no horizontal travel is needed. Maximum capacity: 5.000 kg.

Travelling. 2 traveling speeds (20/5 m/min. 10 2,5 m/min and BH2) for more accurate positioning of your loads.

Belt. Excellent ability to withstand attack by acids, immune to solvents, rot-proof and fire retardant.

Electrical cubicle. 48 V control. The cover is equipped with two anti-drop type steel safety cables (BH2) or hinges (BH5).

Belt guide. high safety feature against side pulling and twisting effects during hoisting movement.

Lifting motor. High operating factor ensuring longer service life.

Hook block. Small “C” dimensions and hook “approaches”, enabling you to design your building to optimum size and make maximum use of the available working space.

Travel. Travelling motor with IP 55 protection and type F insulation, ensuring maximum service life.


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