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Low headroom

Low headroom

Low headroom

Low headroom

Low headroom trolley.

This picture shows the Low headroom trolley fitted to the Verlinde VT wire rope hoist. These trolleys are the most common solution employed for single girder cranes and monorails, and are the most compact design for maximum space utilisation. They offer the best possible C dimension of any hoist on the market. This means you can make use of every inch of headroom available.

These trolleys have been developed with inverter control. They offer a much smoother start up and slow down compared to most other makes. When you press the button on the pendant the ramp up and ramp down avoids dangerous load swing. The timings of the ramping can also be changed to suit individual requirements by simply adjusting dip switches. The brakes are DC operated and only come on when the inverter has ramped down. This offers practically maintenance free brakes on this type of drive. All this as standard with Verlinde products.

You will have to look hard to find such features as standard. Please contact us for further details.

These hoists can also be used with remote control and the MT2. The Safe Working Loads of all the Verlinde Wire rope hoists range from 800 kgs to 80 tonnes. Larger sizes can be accommodated upon request.

The Verlinde VT wire rope hoists break the traditional mould of hoist design and represent a totally new approach within the lifting equipment industry. An innovative mechanical configuration plus state-of-the-art speed control and motor technology have made the VT hoist the industry benchmark.

VT hoists offer exceptional performance, easy load handling, superior safety, improved ergonomics and favourable dimensions. For industrial cranes, solo hoist or monorail applications or for upgrading existing hoisting equipment, VT electric wire rope hoists offer the best return on your investment.

VT hoists offer unique benefits for new crane and monorail installations, or for upgrading existing cranes with replacement hoists. The VT wire rope hoist range meets an extremely wide variety of application requirements. Many available lifting capacities, speeds, trolley types, duty classes and the comprehensive range of standard and additional features guarantee effective, safe and reliable solutions for your lifting situation. Exceptional safety and reliability in hoisting.

Alpha Lifting Services industrial cranes are equipped with VT wire rope hoists, which have become the industry benchmark. The VT hoists' innovative mechanical design, as well as its state-of-the-art motor and drive technology, offer benefits that are unique to the VT.

Multiple lifetimes for lifting ropes

The rope drum diameter of the VT hoist is more than double the size of conventionally designed hoist drums. This feature combined with minimal rope fleet angles reduces stress and wear on the lifting rope. Compared to conventional designs, the lifting ropes of VT hoists can be expected to wear for multiple lifetimes.

True lift ensures accurate load positioning

Because of the large rope drum diameter and short drum length, the horizontal travel of the hook during lowering is minimized. As a result, accurate load positioning is faster. The hook moves horizontally only 5 mm during a one-meter lift. For applications that do not permit any horizontal hook drift, Alpha lifting Services cranes can be delivered with hoists featuring double reeving.

High performance hoisting motors for extra power and flexibility

VT’s high-performance lifting motors combine extra power with superior cooling characteristics. These hoisting motors with 60% ED not only deliver the increased performance required by temporary peak usage situations, but also improve reliability. The large-capacity hoists are designed with two hoisting motors, which provides additional safety and reliability.

Durable adjustment-free and dust-proof brakes

Safety and bottom-line reliability are enhanced by VT’s excellent power transmission and braking systems. The high-performance brakes have an adjustment-free and dust-proof construction. For special demanding applications the hoists can be equipped with a second brake.

The gears used in VT hoists are manufactured with extreme accuracy, which, combined with hardened and ground gear
fabrication, mean silent and trouble-free operation even after years of intensive use.

Please download the PDF hoist brochure or contact us for more details.


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