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Hand Operated Pallet Trucks

Hand Operated Pallet Trucks

Hand Operated Pallet Trucks

Hand Operated Pallet Trucks

The Pioneer hand operated pallet truck is a robust, easy to handle pallet truck. Guaranteed by the Tractel group which closely monitors its production and quality control, the Pioneer pallet truck is safe and easy to use.

The pioneer offers a comprehensive range of standard pallet trucks, with different fork dimensions to suit the customers requirements.
The steering wheels and fork rollers have polyurethane tread giving a good loading capacity and requiring minimum effort to move. The hydraulic pump control lever has three positions (lift, neutral, lower) and is well protected inside the rounded handle of the steering column, which automatically returns to the vertical when released.
The chassis and forks are frame welded to ensure the truck is completely level. The hydraulic pump is made of high strength steel with chromium-plated piston. 100% fully tested. Mechanical stop to protect the pump from overloading. Shafts with lubrication points. Protected by a double coating of acrylic paint applied after sand blasting.






Minimum height of lift


Maximum height of lift


Length of forks


Width of forks




Wheel diameter 0

50 x 180mm

Roller wheel diameter 0

72 x 52mm