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Site Testing and Inspections

We offer site testing and inspection services to your requirements. If you have your own equipment that requires a Proof Load Test, then we can supply the loads calibrated via digital load-cell.  All deflections are recorded and a certificate of Proof Load Test will be issued. This is to be kept with the responsible persons technical file for the crane or plant being tested.

Our inspection service is carried out on all lifting equipment in accordance with the LOLER (1998) Regulations. Detailed reports are issued in a bound report for your records. Should any item be in need of repair or unsuitable for service, this item will be withdrawn and a report of its condition issued at that time. All equipment will be date tagged and colour coded for instant recognition of state of service.

Fabrication and Manufacture

At Alpha Lifting Services Ltd we offer a complete manufacturing service. We can manufacture bespoke equipment in either mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium. We have manufactured items such as fuel tanks, complete vehicle cabs for the military, and even underwater film sets.

Our expertise is manufacturing based so if you have any enquiries or needs for manufacturing or machining please give us a call. You will be pleasantly surprised at our prices.


We undertake repairs to all lifting equipment, either in house or on site.  We have a dedicated clean area for the stripping of hoists. This ensures that only the clean oil goes into the gearbox of your hoists! 

We can repair damaged cranes, gantries, beams and swing jibs, as well as completing any modifications needed.  We can reduce the spans of overhead travelling cranes if they are to be relocated, and reduce or extend heights of swing jibs or gantries. 

Whatever your need for repairs or modification, call us first for a quote.


At Alpha Lifting Services Ltd, we are the first to understand that down time is a bad word in production. We therefore offer a stock of spares for the most common hoists and cranes. We only fit original parts, ensuring the utmost safety for you and your employees.

We stock spares for Verlinde, Yale, GIS, Demag, Stahl and Morris to name a few. Spares not in stock can normally be accessed within 24 hours. We have a unique quoting and ordering system for Verlinde spares ensuring the best price and delivery.


At Alpha Lifting Services Ltd we install, test, and certify all of our own equipment.  However, should you require an installation team to install lifting equipment, then we can help. We have over 30 years of experience in installing lifting systems. We can help guide you through the maze of potential problems that can exist when installing lifting equipment.  

It is of utmost importance that the equipment is structurally sound and suitable for its intended purpose. Many gantries and swing jibs rely solely on other structures for their stability. This needs to be checked in order to ascertain safety factors and the suitability of the imposed loads. Please feel free to contact us for some guidance and/or a quote.


We offer the complete range of lifting gear for hire. This is from shackles to gantry systems to builders hoists to hand chain blocks. Whatever your needs, please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for further information.